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Want to put that cluttered loft space to better, more practical use? Need an extra bedroom, work area or hobby space? Loft Conversions Newton are becoming increasingly popular, providing one of the cheaper, easier alternatives to maximising your living area. Considering an attic conversion but not sure how to do it? With our access to a network of home improvement specialists, we guarantee to find you the best services at the lowest prices.
There are numerous benefits to converting a loft into functional living space. Converting a pre-existing room in your home may prove cheaper than home extensions. Whether you want a bedroom en suite, a home office space, a play room for the kids or hobby workshop. Newton loft conversions offer the best solution to issues of space in the home. Why struggle to acquire necessary building permissions for pricey extensions in urbanised areas when you can convert an existing room?
Make Your Loft Functional: Lofts tend to become the dumping ground for old, unwanted items and general household overflow. This is a waste of a great room that could become a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. Why consider buying a new house for more space when you could convert your loft instead? A Newton loft conversion can also increase the value of your property, making the initial cost of the conversion well worth the financial gain in the long run.
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Newton loft conversion quotesProfessional Conversions: DIY conversions of any kind are not recommended. Converting a loft requires specific steps for making this area comfortable and safe for both you and your family. Some of these steps may include installing extra insulation while upgrading the ventilation, heating and cooling systems. Depending on the type of conversion, certain additions to the electrical and plumbing systems of your home may be required. Only professional builders should tackle this type of conversion.
Loft Insulation: During a conversion, additional loft insulation may be required. Loft insulation is simply installed, rolled out across the joists in sheets like a blanket. Correctly installed and good quality insulation can reduce your home's carbon emissions while increasing the building's resistance to damp and condensation. Proper insulation can also increase the energy inefficiency of your home, decreasing monthly energy expenses.
Types of Conversions: Depending on the dimensions of your loft, lofts can easily be converted into en suite bedrooms, extra lounges, home office units, hobby workshops and playrooms for the kids. If the loft is large, it could even be converted into a self-contained apartment. The type of conversion may depend on the electrical and plumbing systems already in your home. Certain types of conversions may also require additional council permissions so always consult the professionals.
Handling Lofts with Low Clearance: In many of the homes across Newton, the lofts have very low clearance from the floor area to the roof. This can be problematic in some situations, especially when you want to convert a loft or attic space into a bedroom, studio, or even a finished storage space. While itís normal for a converted loft or attic to have areas that donít provide much clearance, there should be a good portion of the room that is tall enough for the average adult to stand without slouching. While itís certainly possible to raise the roof, or even to lower the floor if you have tall ceilings in your home, this is a massive undertaking. Be sure to mention low clearance in your quote form so you get accurate information.
Turning an Attic into a Finished Storage Room: Most attics are used for storage, but they arenít very friendly to the things you store in them. An attic has very little electricity, if any at all, and your home likely doesn't provide heating and cooling to that space. Finishing an attic to convert it into storage is still simpler than converting an attic to a bedroom, however. For example, you may opt to run ducts into your attic for heating and cooling, then add simple walls, flooring, and ceilings along with some shelves and bins for storage. This will help you keep everything organized. The climate control is optimal for storing antiques, old photos, and more.
Things to Think About Before Making the Decision: If you're interested in converting your loft or attic into a bedroom, office, or other living space, there may be more to it than simply finishing the floors and walls. In fact, most attics have no electrical outlets and no connection to your home's HVAC system, which will require careful planning and some added expenses. If you have a loft rather than an attic, the conversion may be simpler. Converting a loft space into a room is often as simple as adding a wall and a doorway Ė the insulation, electricity, and HVAC may already be in place.
Cost of Loft Conversions: The cost of Newton loft conversions depends on the size of the project and required physical labour. Additional services such as structural re-enforcing, changing electrics, adding to plumbing and installing insulation will also affect the price. DIY conversions may be tempting, seen as a way to complete the project on the cheap but badly done DIY construction could compromise the structural integrity of your home.
Want to turn your junk room into a brand new room? Loft conversions may be your best solution. Take a minute to fill in our online form, providing us with a few details about your ideal loft and we'll handle the rest. We'll find you the best professional services at a price to suit your budget. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote and turn that dusty loft into a living space that adds value to your home.
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Your Newton loft conversion questions answered
  • How high should my loft be in order to be ideal for converting? It should be at least two metres high at the peak if you are planning on converting it.
  • What is the best way to access my loft conversion? You have a number of options, including pull-down ladders, spiral stairs, or even regular staircases if you have the access space.
  • Are there different types of loft conversions? Yes. The type of loft conversions that you can do will depend on the type of home you live in and the type of roof that is already on the house. Dormer conversions and hip to gable conversions are just two of the most common loft conversion types.
  • What is the overall cost of a loft conversion? Overall, the cost of a loft conversion is going to vary depending on the type and size of your loft. Most will range from £15,000-£40,000, not including accessories like ladders, stairs, or trap doors.
  • Is there a minimum height requirement for Newton loft conversions? Building codes do not specify a minimum height for loft conversions. Even so, you must have enough space to move around comfortably in, which is why between 2.2 and 2.6 metres of headspace is recommended.
  • Can I make my loft or attic space taller? One of the drawbacks to loft and attic spaces is the height they provide. In many cases, adults will have difficulty standing up tall. While it's certainly possible to make your space taller, this may require a significant overhaul of your home - including removing the roof in one or more areas, building the home upward, and then reinstalling the roof. You can discuss the possibilities with your contractor.
  • Can I convert only a portion of my loft? Absolutely. It's possible to add walls and doorways in such a way that you can finish and convert only a portion of your loft, leaving the rest for simple storage. This is often a great idea for very large homes, since converting the entire loft would be a very large project.
  • How difficult is it to add a staircase as an entry? This actually depends on your home's layout. Some homes are simply better designed for the addition of a spiral staircase than others. Your contractor should be able to create a new entry point from anywhere in your home, such as at the back of a hallway or even the corner of the kitchen or living room, if this is more convenient for you.
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